A chemical vapor deposition company, SilcoTek, was growing and needed extra space. They began looking at options.

New construction of a 39,000 square foot manufacturing building was the option SilcoTek chose but in the early stages of the process, the originally planned building was designed to be an all-metal structure. But after Sponagule Construction Services discovered owner and founder Paul Silvis was struggling with the time restraints a metal building was offering, they suggested a solution.

Thirty thousand square feet of precast was an obvious choice for the building, in the opinion of Bill Wolfford, Vice President of Sponaugle Construction Services. After working with Architectural Precast Innovations on the Crocker West building in State College, Pa., Wolfford experienced all of the benefits of building with precast.

"After explaining the many advantages of a total precast construction, such as the durability, inherent energy efficiency, speed of design-to-erection, flexibility of interiors, as well as many other advantages, the owner was convinced that precast construction better met the company's needs," said Wolfford.

Silvis quickly opted for a total precast structure that would contain nearly 145 pieces of precast.

"We looked at metal versus precast and we saw that not only was the building a better building, but it also went up faster," said Paul Silvis, founder of SilcoTek, in a recent video release. And speed was something this company needed as it was quickly outgrowing its space.

"With the cooperation of the architect, structural engineer, and SilcoTek, Sponaugle Construction Services decided the new SilcoTek building just 'wanted to be' a precast building," said Wolfford.

The new building, located in Benner Township, Pa. produced a quality workspace for SilcoTek that they are proud to share with others. The owners are already looking forward to the future and are excited to possibly work with precast again.

Project Details


Bellefonte, PA


SilcoTek Corporation


Olsen Architecture

General Contractor:

Sponaugle Construction Services


• 39,000 sf

Products Used:

142 precast pieces (30,000 sf) including:
• Insulated wall panels
• Slabs
• Beams
• Columns and column covers
• Signage
• Stairs

Precast Specifics:

Two-colored face finish, formliner and sandblast finishes

Benefits to the Customer:

Overall cost, speed, and the durability of a total precast structure.

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