Long Beach Boardwalk

In late October of 2011, Hurricane Sandy ripped across the East Coast, destroying homes, businesses, and even boardwalks of many beaches. In the disaster's aftermath, many began seeking more durable building solutions so future boardwalks would have the ability to withstand storms.

US Concrete Precast Group offered a solution: to rebuild the boardwalk with precast concrete. And in mid-April of 2012, they began manufacturing over 2,500 precast concrete pieces that would serve as the base of Long Beach, NY's new boardwalk, a total rebuild estimated at nearly $44.2 million.

The new boardwalk contains approximately $8 million worth of precast components that will be much less susceptible to storm damage than traditional wood planks used in the past. The concrete will -- unlike wood -- withstand high velocity winds of hurricanes.

"Precast will not only provide long-lasting strength and resistance to hurricane-type storms, but also a resistance to the harsh salt water environment. It will provide longevity unmatched by wood," said US Concrete Precast's General Manager, Marc Davis.

Both time and money were saved by using precast.

"The engineered system is designed for a long life span and will reduce maintenance costs over time," said Steve Kenepp, Sales Director at US Concrete Precast. "The off-site fabrication allows for less site disturbance during construction and an expedited schedule. These elements help save time and money, freeing up funding for other needs."

A customized design was the selling point of precast. After many natives expressed their concern about the proposed boardwalk being a total-precast structure lacking wood, US Concrete Precast offered a solution. To create both a durable and nostalgic boardwalk, the company created the boardwalk's base from precast and allowed for a tropical wood inlay to be placed on top. The tropical wood not only served as a base for the beach goer's feet, but also provides the nostalgic connection desired by the people.

"We recognize the importance of these boardwalks to coastal communities and are proud to be part of the reconstruction efforts at Long Beach," said Kenepp.

Project Details


Long Beach, NY


City of Long Beach

General Contractor:

Grace Industries, LLC


2,488 precast pieces

Benefits to the Customer:

Less site disturbance, expedited schedule, unmatched strength

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