Samuel A. Ramirez Building

Located at the corner of Greenwich and Hubert Streets in the trendy, historic Tribeca neighborhood in Manhattan's Lower West Side, The Samuel A. Ramirez Building does not apprear to be either precast or newly built but it is both. In fact, Project Architect Morris Adjmi of MA Architects worked diligently to make sure the structure fit seamlessly with the popular neighborhood's past, including incorporating design motifs from surrounding historic warehouses. Using precast also ensured that the obstacles of constructing in tight constraints were overcome.

The nine-story structure, which combines commercial and upscale residential spaces, as well as the four-floor corporate headquarters of Samuel A. Ramirez and Company, the nation's tenth-largest municipal bond underwriter, ultimately won the recognition and approval of the area's Landmarks Preservation Commission, which enforces stringent regulations on building height and design.

Respecting and reflecting Tribeca's industrial past and current-day residental needs required careful planning. More than 130 pieces of precast, totaling 12,300 square feet, were created to meet the project's unique challenges. Thirteen different precast window radii were developed to blend with the building's surrounding structures. Brick red precast panels featuring protruding fins typically seen in turn-of-the-century warehouse architecture gave the structure an historic aesthetic, and a top-floor row of smaller radius windows on fluted precast panels capped with a wide cornice made it blend seamlessly with the top floors of other buildings in the neighborhood.

Space and time were also primary considerations. In a location with little room to accommodate a large crane and a 15-minute delivery window, the ability to truck in precast panels as needed with no need to store materials on-site was paramount to the project's success. The project was erected in just two weeks.

John Longardo of Basile Builders Group, which served as both general contractor and owner of the building, confirms, "Precast allowed us to comply with regulations on historic architectural character and work efficiently in the tight constraints of the location. It provided us with an aesthetically pleasing and relatively fast way to compete the project."

What's more, Basile Builders Group was able to sell the apartments in record time, making the project a consummate success.

Project Details


New York, NY


Basile Builders Group


MA Architects

General Contractor:

Basile Builders Group

Project Engineering Firm:

Robert Sillman & Associates


Nine stories mixed residential/commercial; 12,300 square feet total; 131 pieces of precast

Special Challenges:

Need to be aesthetically compatible with neighboring historic buildings; meeting height and design requirements of Landmarks Preservation Commission; tight space and time constraints

Products Used:

Architectural precast panels: spandrel panels with radius window openings, panels with projecting fins and various radius panels for windows

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